This likely doesn’t mean dick to y’all, but we all got our own backyard bullshit to deal with, am I right? And ain’t it great to tell it like it is? You know, like we always do? Then yeah, this my story for the weekend.

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Not bragging, but I suppose it’s no surprise to anybody racing here in Dago that A4 won class 2 in the Hot Rum Series, but apparently reality has a hard time penetrating certain enormously thick skulls.

Say for example, the owner of a perennial back marker FT decides to protest us for some intelligible “one design” infraction without somehow bothering to notice that we aren’t sailing as one designs, we are sailing with handicap ratings. But never let the truth in the way of anger and stupidity, I always say.

Filing this chickenshit “protest” was a fool’s errand from the jump, but the best part is that the protest didn’t even get heard as they failed to not bother to fly a protest flag, nor bother to inform us of said “protest”. It was thrown out in less than 2 minutes.

Nicely played. Way to show a little dignity in defeat. I mean after all these years, aren’t you finally just used to a regular beat down from us?

 – ed

Photo thanks to Cynthia Sinclair and title inspiration thanks to the best Hip Hop artist in the modern era. And that’s the hideous and hot crew of the Mighty A4.