a4 aok?

After two of three races in the wildly popular and always weird Hot Rum Series, the sometimes mighty A4 sits atop the 21 boat Class 2 standings, and once again the top FT 10. That’s us tipping over and digging in the bow in 8 true!  Off the bow!

We’ll try not to choke this nice class win away, but we are actually seeing predicted breeze to be 15-25 for the last race this coming Saturday which will make it very difficult to keep the bigger boats like the J-120’s behind us. In fact, it’s almost impossible, but we are stacked and ready to go to war!

It is interesting to note that a number of boats who regularly get their asses kicked in this series somehow managed to have a good finish in race one. Do you think there was any correlation in that the fog was so thick that you couldn’t see the proper turning marks unless you were right on them, and miraculously, some of these back markers found them selves with never before seen good finishes? There is zero doubt that a number of boats cut the course. No way did they sail the entire course.

I am quite sure I know of at least one arrogant prick who cheated in this race and it’s just a shame I don’t have the proof. This boat has never done shit in this series (lower 1/3rd of the fleet), and you know when you cheat. What kind of fuck cheats like this? This fuck.

This sport is full of douchebags, and Dago is home to more than a few. – ed.

Photo thanks to Cynthia Sinclair, more pics here.