thanksgiving anarchy

Of course this comes from our fab forums. Of course it does…
I setup a turkey friar on the aft rail. Going to fry one up daysailing tomorrow. Do you think the oil will slop around? I have a shield I made for over the outboard’s fuel tank on my McGregor..
Testing at the dock a few months ago the oil caught fire. I was able to put it out no problem. Fire people weren’t so happy though as I used bacon fat I had been collecting for the past couple years, was pretty smokey. Now that I am all healed I think I have all kinks worked out but I did lose quite a bit of feeling in my right hand. Pic is what was left…some of the bits by the breast bone were really good.
wish me luck!
And of course you simply must jump in the thread. What a perfect way to ditch your TrumpĀ loving a-hole uncle and get some real enjoyment!