always sailing

Well the METSTRADE show is over, and for SA, it was an amazing experience. We have tons of new and existing advertiser interest, got the chance to meet people that we never have, and saw some incredible new products and ideas. All of which added up to the best show ever, and the only one that we will be visiting in the future!
We will be sharing many of these people and ideas with you over the coming weeks and are just so stoked to get the opportunity to do so.
And yes, Amsterdam wasn’t just METS! Mary and I had a blast hitting the city about as hard as we could – here I am grabbing the wheel (duh) – at the -9 degrees Ice Bar! – ed.
Btw, here’s a US-based IBI report on METS. Interestingly, most all of the action at mets came from non-US companies. Overall, Europe has a much more active and cutting edge industry than the good ol USA.
Of course there is a thread