LostOcean Racing

who’s got the time?

The US Coast Guard is looking for information about what seems to be a Sabre 34 adrift in the Gulf of Mexico around 80 NM southwest of Cape San Blas, Florida.  Coasties tried to raise the crew by radio or the horn from a NOAA ship that made a pass, though neither NOAA nor the Coast Guard could launch a small boat in the shitty sea state that’s been beating up this piece of ocean for a while.  SAR put up a Jayhawk helicopter, but wind and rain forced them back to base.
As you can see from the pic, My Time’s sails are mostly put away and other than some peat staining, the boat looks good.  Hopefully there’s no mummified skipper at the nav station…Anyone know more?  Post up or call USCG  Sector Mobile Command Center at 251-441-6211.