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World Sailing – Annual Conference – Sarasota FL USA – Day 5

Yesterday, various Committees concluded their meeting with recommendations to Council. The daily news informs on the details. Today, Council will have its first session to decide on the Submissions on the table. The final decision on the Olympic events 2024 will be the most debated item on the Agenda, as a major opposition has been formed against the proposal of the Events Committee to change seven of the 10 events. In addition, a letter from the EU Anti-Trust Commission has been received critisising the monopoly classes in 7 events. This investigation has been initiated by Luca Devoti ITA, Finn Olympic medalist and now boat builder, having asked for an assessment by EU specialists at the Bologna University. With the incertainty in the room, the opposition asks to defer any changes in Olympic Classes to 2028 (Los Angeles/Long Beach), and keep the Classes as is. A respective late Submission by the Hungarian Sailing Federation is on the table. Here an article by Richard Gladwell NZL in Sail-World.