the age of exploration

The more adventurous amongst us often lament the sterile nature of our privileged lives.  “I was born to be at sea during the age of sail,” they complain.  In reality, there has never been more discovering than right now.  Under the ground, at sea, in space, and in our own minds, people are breaking down obstacles to achieving goals that seemed impossible until now.  As we speak, both British Army Captain Louis Rudd and Youtuber and extreme mountaineer Colin O’Brady are on the snow chasing perhaps the last great ‘discovery’ record on the planet.-
The latest case in point may turn out to be nothing but a couple of Darwin Awarders, but based on what experts have told us, both of the two guys who set off this week to become the first-ever humans to cross Antarctica coast-to-coast, solo and without support might actually make it.  Rudd is sponsored by the British Army and has been doing this shit for most of his life, while O’Brady is a 33 year old Youtube star and extreme sports internet bro who’s climbed something like every mountain on Earth while juggling and riding on a unicycle.
It’s odd to think that no one has done this rare trek until now, but not for a lack of trying. Known by many as the last great mountaineering challenge on Earth, the Antarctic traverse has killed dozens of adventurers over the years thanks to an average elevation of 7,500 feet, winds of up to 100 knots, and temps somewhere close to Absolute Zero.
It’s close enough to offshore sailing that we’ll be watching with serious interest. And since the first one to finish will be the only one with a real World Record, they’ll be racing.  Photo from LouRudd.com
Track Rudd.           Track O’Brady.