too close to call?

No wonder Francois Gabart’s lead in the RDR – he lost a foil and a rudder! Closing in rapidly Check it here!
Francois Gabart on MACIF has seen his lead over Francis Joyon disappear completely as the two French skippers have crept around the west side of Basse-Terre island in windless conditions in the final miles of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe. His lead is less than one mile with 9 to go!
At one point in the mid-Atlantic Gabart was 160 miles in front of his fellow countryman on IDEC Sport, but Joyon has whittled his lead down and taken full advantage of the damage to MACIF which has lost one rudder and one foil.
But it has been the lack of wind that has dogged Gabart more than Joyon in the run-in. When Gabart reached the Tête à l’Anglais mark north of Basse Terre he was 20 miles ahead but as he drifted around the western side – the leeward coast – of the island Joyon has been able to come up from behind. Now the two boats are almost even sail in darkness to the finish line. More here.