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Big Pimpin’
Why are top sailors and Olympians adopting the Vakaros Atlas? Sailors at the front of the fleet get there by making the right choices. When deciding to pull the trigger at the start or choosing the right mode upwind, they rely on accurate data from an instrument they can trust. That’s why the Atlas, with its unmatched accuracy and response time, is quickly becoming their weapon of choice.
“This product is superior to the others we’ve used. The GPS is updating much faster. It really lets you know where you are, even when you are approaching the [starting] line at 20kts.”
— Morgan Larson
“The Vakaros Atlas updates very quickly compared to other competitive products. It gives you that extra second to think and respond quicker. It’s a lot more reliable in terms of being able to trust distance to line especially when accelerating [quickly]. The screen is very good. Being able to read it from anywhere on the boat is a big advantage.”
— Ian Williams
The Atlas display is fully graphical, and can be customized to fit your needs. Don’t need to see VMG? You can swap it out for another measurement or discard it entirely. Need heading and speed displayed in massive 40mm digits? Done. It isn’t limited to displaying just numbers, either. Want to see a visual of where you are in relation to the start line? The Atlas can do that too, free from the constraints of old fixed-digit display technology.
“The instruments are really adaptable to what we’re looking to do: everything from heel angle, distance to the line, accurate speed and heading. The display is great; you can see it from anywhere on the boat.”
— Taylor Canfield
Visit Vakaros.com to learn more and reserve your Atlas at a one-time introductory price.