tempesta gets ass kicked; blames crew

San Diego CA – Scot Tempesta, owner of the FT 10 A4, got smoked at the CRA Hallowwen Regatta, but refused to take any of the blame. Speaking about his crew, Tempesta said, “These fuckers ruined my regatta.” “I continued to put us in the right spot, but man, did they let me down. Every time”.
Haha. That is of course a joke, and I wouldn’t say it even if it was true. The crew was fine. The truth is I couldn’t get us out of our own way. We were off the pace, dumb and so far off our game as to be almost unrecognizable. I pinched all day and wilted when we had our chances to strike. I was fucking awful.
You know I occasionally report when we do something good, and here is the flip side of that coin. It isn’t fun, and kind of startling when the whole day is like that.
Here I am before the start wearing my pimp priest costume. Trust me, that smile slowly faded all damn day…
I have met the enemy, and he is me. Photo thanks to Cynthia Sinclair.