rowing anarchy

This petite Norwegian woman’s 70-mile row – in an 11-foot dinghy – is forcing strong men everywhere to re-think our concept of “badass.”
We already knew the PT-11 nesting dinghy could sail fast and only need a tiny footprint on deck, but when we heard Inger Rankins planned to row this little 11-foot tender 70 miles in a race… well, that caught our eye. It caught the attention of the filmmakers at OffCenterHarbor.com as well, and they made this short film about Inger’s attempt at the inaugural Seventy48 Race.
You can click here to get a full tour of the PT-11 Nesting Dinghy with designer Russell Brown in OffCenterHarbor’s full video on this sweet little boat. Yes, it’s the same Russell Brown from Race to Alaska fame.