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I have a 38′ racer/cruiser that I have raced for 15 years. I bought it for both racing and cruising, but it seems like the cruising part is now virtually nil. I am getting to the point (70 years old) where I would like something simpler (less crew) to sail, and perhaps cut down on the operating costs (slip fees, maintenance on the boat). We race on Wednesday nights, where I have a PHRF rating of 75, and the other boats have ratings varying from 81 to 120. We also do 3-5 longer distance races, including overnights, each year. All of the sailing occurs in the Chesapeake Bay.
I am not interested in a sport boat (J-80, Melges etc.), but would like to be competitive with a boat PHRF rated under 100 . I am thinking something of perhaps 30-32′ in length. My current boat is probably worth about a buck fifty, so I would like to find a well equipped used boat for considerably less than that. I am open to suggestions and simplicity is the name of the game. Thanks.
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