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From our friends at the Star Sailors League…
The Star Sailors League through its spokesperson, Olympic champion, Mateusz Kusznierewicz, officially presented today in Lorient, France, at the 2018 Yacht Racing Forum, the innovative global sailing event that will take place for the first time in 2021: the Star Sailors League Nations Gold Cup.
The Star Sailors League is a Sailing Circuit launched in 2013 by 100 famous athletes to promote sailors. The strategy used to create the circuit is to take inspiration from successful major sports organizations to build an attractive scenario for the sailing season. During the last 5 years the SSL created a global athletes’ Ranking, 4 “Grand Slams“ events and one yearly Finals based on the ATP tennis Masters concept. To crown all the SSL circuit concept with the goal to expand its audience, the SSL launched today its last event the SSL NATION GOLD CUP.
This new event will be a competition among nations and will become the SSL biennial grand finale reserved to the best SSL ranked athletes. The SSL NATIONS GOLD CUP uses the same nationality principle as the Olympic Games to provide a country against country championship like the World Cup in football. By mixing the use of spectacular one design big boats provided by SSL and exploiting the successful scenario of the football World Cup, the SSL NATIONS GOLD CUP aims to do shine the spotlight on the athletes and arouses the sporting passions of national pride.
This global competition will make fans proud of their country. Fans will wear the t-shirt of their national heroes and kids all around the world will be able to collect their Panini stickers. It will be used as a tool to expand the global audience of the Star Sailors League.