it's just a little rapey

So we’ve seen some bullshit ads before, but nothing quite like this. This Photo (which has circulated the web quite a bit) was part of an ad  we saw from a European company advertising “yachting” accessories, but of course the ad seems to have disappeared. Whatever, we have some really appropriate captions for them to choose from, free of charge:
1 – “Come on baby, let me rip your bikini bottoms off!”
2 – “What’s the matter, bitch, don’t you like a little fun??”
3 – “I said get over here you little slut!!”
We aren’t going to out the company, and it doesn’t matter where the pic originated; the message is the same: Women are meant to be fucked with. They are men’s sexual objects to be done with as the man wishes.
What in the hell could they possibly be thinking? That all the Trump supporters will think this is cool? Fuck yourselves. – ed.