There is a beauty and timeless quality to history when one comes face to face with it. One of the unfortunate aspects of our sport, hell, of life itself, is that the present becomes the history before you even know it has happened.
That is why it was such an honor, joy and simply the pure privilege of meeting, listening to him speak, sharing a few laughs, and enjoying the glow and positive vibes of historic yacht designer Ron Holland.
Mr. Holland came to a landmark in San Diego’s Point Loma, Fiddler’s Green Restaurant, run by one of San Diego’s own legends, Steve Rock. I was fortunate enough to be invited to Introduce Ron before his book signing and talk. that’s Ron and I pictured here.
Anyone who knows Ron, his boats, his place in the sport will be be surprised to know what an incredible man he is. Failing his version of High School, Ron struck out in the world of boatyards, parlaying one “Improbable” opportunity after another, until one day he asked “How do I become a yacht designer?” Getting unsatisfactory answers, Ron just went ahead and became one, and the history that he and so many other design greats, Doug Peterrson, Bruce Farr, German Frers is simply the stuff of legends.
We spent three hours with Ron, and ho9nestly, it could have been twice that. Funny, articulate and so full of the energy and love for this sport that so many of us have for this sport, to this very day is a testament to the man.
Now, do yourself a serious favor and order his book. It is a history lesson from one of the true greats in our sport, chock full of anecdotes, characters, adventures and a life of designing some of the greatest boats ever! – ed.