power to the people

People’s foiler?” They said “Yeah I hope so but we’ll believe it when we see it.” Well, 18 months later Fulcrum Speedworks has delivered 180 UFOs to every continent on the planet besides Antartica and only appear to be speeding up. It kinda looks like the kids from RI have actually got it and broken into the mass market foiler business for good.
How could you not with an American made carbon and glass foiling cat that’s fun for beginners, exciting for intermediates and does downright insane mode for experts, that retails for $7600 that launches off a beach and goes on top of a Prius? I mean jeez what’s not to like? In a sport that doesn’t change much it’s been amazing to watch.
On the subject of change, we’re proud to announce Fulcrum Speedworks as our new top sponsor for Sailing Anarchy. In the words of the company’s president Dave Clark (27) “Oh you want me to buy and ad?? I’ll show you a freakin’ ad!”.
Check out the vid which really gets to the core of what the UFO is all about and why so many people are getting them and taking flight. Christ, this looks like something an old fuck like me could do! – ed.