ban them

Anyone who has done any research into fracking at all, knows it is an unnecessary, destructive and alarmingly harmful “technology”, used to blast even more oil out of our already horrifically abused planet.
So yes we think that, given that Ineos, a company that is such a large player in the dirty business of fracking is a major sponsor in a sport that should accept advertising from virtually anybody but companies like this is simply not right.
What’s the message? It’s cool to destroy the planet while overpaying for some pros to zip about in odd boats to win an odd cup that no one, outside of a fraction of this tiny sport, gives a single flying fuck about?
Hell, Formula One banned cigarette advertising (as did almost everyone), so this should really be a no-brainer. Again, what’s the message – that cigarettesĀ aren’t good, but fracking is? Then why not let Japan sponsor a boat with their pro-whale slaughter position? We can envisionĀ their logo…..
It’s yet another black eye to a sport that, thanks almost entirely to the fuckery of World Sailing, can hardly use another one. But the truth is that people will whore themselves to nearly anything if the price is right…
Environment groups are calling for the sponsor of Sir Ben Ainslie’s Portsmouth-based sailing team to be banned from the America’s Cup. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth say raw plastic material manufacturer Ineos is “environmentally destructive”.
They have delivered an open letter to World Sailing president Kim Andersen urging the governing body to disassociate itself from the sponsor. World Sailing said boats need to comply with its advertising code. The code states “anything advertised shall meet generally accepted moral and ethical standards. Any advertising which is political, religious, racial or propaganda shall not be displayed”.
It currently does not include any other advertising restrictions.
World Sailing, which is expected to sanction the 2021 America’s Cup in due course, is responsible for developing racing rules of sailing and regulations for all sailing competitions.
Anti-fracking protester Joe Corre with campaigners who delivered a letter to World Sailing president, Kim Andersen. The open letter, delivered by anti-fracking protester Joe Corre and campaigners dressed as a dolphin, penguin, seal and seagull with plastic bags over their heads, asks World Sailing to consider the “implementation of an ethical and environmentally friendly sponsorship policy”.
The letter ends: “Under World Sailing’s own code of ethics, a core part of ‘the spirit of sailing’ is a love of the natural environment. Read on, courtesy of the BBC.
And there is a thread, where sailing cavemen are singing the praises of fracking. Holy fuck are we one dumb collective motherfucking people…