mets it is!

Your faithful Ed has never actually gone to the Mets Trade Show, but that ends next month! Accompanied by my fabulous fiancé Mary Hardy, we will be at the show, November 13-15, pressing flesh and kissing babies and stoked to be in an environment of energy and ideas.
We are truly looking forward to meeting as many of you folks as possible, and would love to schedule some time with you to do just that! Drop me an e-mail at [email protected], and let’s make that happen.
We have a brand new look for SA launching November 1st (right, IT geniuses??), and with that not only a significantly better platform with some new features that many of you have bugged us about over the years, but new opportunities for us to work with companies that we haven’t yet.
We’ll post another update soon, but it is safe to say that Mary and I are excited to head for Amsterdam.