setting it straight

I am the president of OC Sport Pen Duick, the organizer of the Route du Rhum. I would like to reply to Anarchist Robert (Route de rip) who is clearly not well informed…
For the 4th time, the race organizers have signed an agreement with the SNBSM (Societe Nautique de Saint-Malo, not to be mistaken with the SNSM) and Saint-Malo city. The race organization provides the SNBSM with 15 Highfield RIBs, pay the fuel and the expenses. The pilots are volunteers (we have more requests than places available) from the SNBSM.
Then, the race organisers have another agreement with the SNSM. We provide them with 15 Highfield RIBs, pay the fuel for those RIBs and pay the SNSM for their mission in Saint-Malo. On top of that, we charter 2 medical boats with SNSM professional material and experts onboard.
We finally offer a 27m2 booth in the Race Village to the SNSM to be used to represent the association and call for donations. This can be confirmed by the local SNSM in Saint-Malo as you can imagine. So instead of shooting without knowing against the race organisers I invite your dear Anarchist Robert to get better informed and do some easy fact checkings.
I would have preferred your excellent website to be more positive about the fact that the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe will have an incredible 124 skippers on the start line, almost reaching the absolute record of The OSTAR 1976 which had 125 boats.
Always at your disposal if you need more info.
Hervé Favre
Co-CEO OC Sport and President of OC Sport Pen Duick