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Big Pimpin’
Hot off the heels of winning Newport Boat Show’s “Best Electronics Product”, the Vakaros Atlas delivers another win for Team REV at the M32 World Championship. While other boats had their highs and lows, REV was incredibly consistent, chipping away, and securing them the Corinthian victory in a fleet stacked with talent.
Along with XS Energy, Extreme2, and Riptide Racing, REV used the Atlas to nail the starts, track shifts, and hit their speed targets. The feedback from sailors such as Ian Williams, Morgan Larson, and Taylor Canfield was extremely positive. Check out this video where they share their thoughts on the Atlas.
“This product is superior to the others we’ve used. The GPS is updating much faster. It really lets you know where you are, even when you are approaching the line at 20kts.”
— Morgan Larson XS Energy
“The instruments are really adaptable to what we’re looking to do: everything from heel angle, distance to the line, accurate speed and heading. The display is great; you can see it from anywhere on the boat.”
— Taylor Canfield Extreme2
“The Vakaros Atlas updates very quickly compared to other competitive products. It gives you that extra second to think and respond quicker. It’s a lot more reliable in terms of being able to trust distance to line especially when accelerating [quickly]. The screen is very good. Being able to read it from anywhere on the boat is a big advantage.”
— Ian Williams REV
We’re excited to show you how we’re out to build the most advanced instruments in the sport.