Quick spin

A friend and I took the Topper Topaz Race X out for a spin on a puffy, shifty San Diego day. Good news: We didn’t capsize. Better news: It is a cool little thing. Bad news: It’s not made for old men like us!

The Topaz Race X. At 12.7 long and a hull weight of 132 pounds, it is a tidy, nicely laid out and equipped,  rotomold constructed (virtually indestructible) fun one or two person dinghy. Main, jib and kite are fun for two, but ditch the jib, adjust the mast position, take the shrouds off and you have a nice little singlehander that you can easily sail with minimum hassle. We took a shot of the asso on land to give you an idea of how it looks.

Being two old and less than agile men, the boat was very sensitive to our lumbering weight movement, confirming that this boat needs to be sailed by kids or young and skinny adults! It had some nice quality fittings, was easy to launch and sail, and think that, at $6,100, it is  a good competitor for that price point.

We liked it, but are just looking for a way to turn back the god damn clock, say 30 years or so!