So you would think a man with my vast sailing knowledge (baahaahaa) would understand ORR and ORR-ez, but it’s all geek to me. However, that level of ignorance didn’t stop me from getting an ORR-ez rating for my Flying Tiger 10m, A4.

Given what so many of us have experienced with the various PHRF knuckle draggers in our respective areas, ORR-ez is an inexpensive, simple way to receive a rating measurement certificate for a fleet that doesn’t involve some jackass wanting to protest you because you added an extra block to your boat, or whatever the fuck these people whine about, which appears to be anything and everything.

Our first race is the San Diego to Enseanda Race on Oct 5,where we are sailing both PHRF and ORR. The ORR fleet is small, but we have a well sailed J-125 to go against and it will be interesting to compare our PHRF and ORR results.

Can we get some momentum behind ORR? Even though Dago sailing is notoriously conservative and resistant to change, I think there is an opportunity. Bruce Nelson partially uses ORR to rate boats in SDYC’s two popular big boat regattas, so there is really no excuse to get the ball in play.

Is there?