it's no A4…

We are doing some new brokerage ads with Seahorse, and though this one may be a bit rich for most of us, it is fun to see what’s out there. Besides, one never knows what someone may be buying…
‘B5’ is a fully refitted carbon fibre Swan 90FD featuring a long list of upgrades and improvements. Repainted in 2018 plus new ECsix rigging, lithium batteries and a full inventory of North 3Di regatta sails. ‘B5’ is presented in turn-key condition and ready for competitive racing or extended cruising.
The yacht has been bought one year ago after a successful previous life as a racing yacht, which proved to be the best way to contain her usage and preserve her systems along the years, as the real time spent at sea has been reduced to a minimum.
Along this year the present owner, a real passionate sailor and cruiser, gave a burst of improvement to the yacht following his philosophy of constantly maintain and upgrade his boats to a top standard.In this process the focus has been to enhance the cruising ability of the yacht, maintaining all the racing gear to dress her up when required.
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