route du rip?

It is “Route du Rhum” time again, like every four years thousands of us will go to the start to admire the sleek racing machines, people will go to the start to witness from land or sea the boats sailing to the horizon at amazing speeds.
With a nation keen on sailing exploits and so many eyeballs attracted, this is big business, it is organised by a company called “Promovoile S.A.” which is a subsidiary of Pen Duick S.A.S. involved in many aspects of ocean racing.
Trouble is that said company seems to be very keen on privatising profits and socialising costs.
In France lifeboats are run by the SNSM which is a charity which aim is to save lives at sea and they do a good job of it whether you are a fisherman, professional racer or an amateur they will come and rescue you if you are in trouble. It’s an old tradition, saving lives at sea has been something that you just do for no financial reward for several generations. It is particularly true in Brittany. Boats are manned by volunteers and expenses are paid for mostly from donations. Lifeboats save lives for free but they will ask you a small donation if you need a tow, it will be cheaper than doing it commercially but that will help with running costs. Equally if you need a lifeboat to shepherd an event (triathlon, local race etc…) they will do it expecting a donation in exchange.
There will be more than half a dozen boats from the SNSM at the start of the route du rhum, organisers have always refused to cover their expenses and people from the SNSM think that one more time they will have to foot the bill diverting resources away from their core mission which is to save lives rather than providing free labour to ocean races organisers. – Anarchist Robert.