mind the gap

Pimp City
There’s a gap right in the middle of the new boat market, which has been there for years. If you want a docile cruising yacht that’s designed primarily for novice sailors, there are lots of those to choose from.
There are also plenty of options if you’re mainly focused on racing with a bit of family cruising on the side. But if your style of sailing lies halfway in between, you’ll no doubt have noticed that there aren’t so many genuine cruiser-racers in production.
This used to be an important segment of the market: yachts designed for experienced sailors who put the same emphasis on both racing and cruising, who value performance and comfort in equal measure, and who above all want a boat that is simply a joy to sail.
It’s no coincidence that most of today’s “modern classics” were originally conceived as cruiser-racers. Today, by contrast, a lot of yacht builders expect their customers to make a fundamental choice between “performance” and “comfort”, and they produce yachts accordingly.
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