From Pieter van Geest, Van Geest Design
Project Ripple is a study done with feedback from clients and crews. These large sailing yachts are actually very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Guests and even the owner can not manoeuvre on deck because of high tension/load areas with lines (the size of your wrists) traveling at high speed. Accidents in the making so to speak.
So we tried to make this design with conventional rigging to be as save as possible. All decks are free of sailing clutter. I know, from a sailors perspective not interesting at all and in a way boring push button control. But that is what it takes when you go big.
Why so big? Another tendency in the market is the large sailing yachts with huge interior volumes, almost equal to motor yachts. Even in smaller yachts this is asked nowadays. That’s why most of them look like boxes or worse. We tried to keep it elegant and modern, inspired by the ripples in the sand and beach. It still has an enormous volume and looks relatively sleek.
So these were the main thoughts for doing project Ripple.