loser's lament

We kid. We know how hard it is to win a big regatta, especially up there.  Keep rollin, G…
It is hard to write a report from a regatta when you did not do that well.  It is harder when you can pinpoint every mistake. Harder yet when you had phenomenal boat speed and crew work. I stared at a blank page, wrote a lengthy report on where we went wrong and why.  Talked about why we are so fast and what spinnakers the various boats were using (J-125 oriented of course).
I waited a day, read it again and thought, “This is lame A.F.” and erased it all.  No one wants a bunch of excuses and analysis!
Rolex Big Boat Series is fun.  That is a fact, not fake news. You need to have a local on the boat or someone who has extensive knowledge of the bay.  And you need to round all the marks the correct way and not end up with a “retire” on your results (that one was brutal because we were launched).  
ORR B consisted of an array of boats and our focus was on the other J-125’s.  One teams focus was on winning the fleet in style and that was Madmen. Hats off to their team on crushing the division and making me rethink J-111’s in general.  They sailed the bay perfectly and sailed the boat fantastic. Great job and a well deserved win. I do believe they had the criteria I spoke of earlier.
The C&C30 is truly a one design boat and cannot get out of its own way in a handicap fleet.  They had amazing crews and were all doped out with gear and sails but still that boat has issues!
JS 9000 has got to be the gnarliest ride for BBS. If you do not know what they are then take a look at a picture on the left and ask yourself if you want to do 1.5 hour upwind legs around the bay.  Those dudes are tough. Pic by Daniel Forster.
Let us reminisce about the highlights.  Smashing downwind in 26kts of breeze with another 125 right on our hip!  That was epic. I grabbed my GoPro and got some footage so check it out. We were both lit up and it was rad to get some perspective on a sister ship.
The San Fran Bay offers some of the best scenery and backdrop for sailing and pictures.  My Instagram will be loaded at some point.  Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge
San Fran also offers some amazing food and “Jump Bikes.”  Ben Wheatley and I found these particularly useful in getting around.  They are electric bikes and are fairly cheap. However, we do not recommend riding them after 7 bottles of Sake and some beer.  We found our haven at Ace Wasabi Sushi happy hour. Yes this is a free plug for them because they were awesome and the waitress smashed Sake with us.  Made it to bed at 8:30pm that night, responsible.
Viggo Torbensen runs the most fun program.  Really have to say thank you again for the fun time.  The crew was great! They sailed hard, overcame adversity and left as a team.  I think the final race of the regatta epitomizes our event. We were over early and ground down the other 125’s and got the gun.  We put 30 seconds on one downwind to the finish which is pretty spectacular in one design set up. We both rounded close and we both sail different modes downwind which was another interesting aspect to watch.  
We can’t win them all but we can certainly have fun trying, and that’s what Team Timeshaver does so well. – Keith Magnussen.