gone fishin'

Hey, did ya hear the one about the notable San Diego-based YC  entrant, along with notable YC members, who got pulled over while racing? Pulled over, if we have our story right, by the Fish and Game Department?
If what we hear is thought to be true, they were stopped, under spinnaker, told to turn around and head back to Catalina Island for suspicion of violating Lobster and Abalone fishing laws. Allegedly, they were arrested on the spot, on the boat!
Rumor has it there was suspicion of some underage lobsters that had been repeatedly violated by unnamed adult men.  And it seems the dirty-doers left some fresh evidence directly under where said boat had been anchored… By all accounts, it wasn’t pretty.
These alleged crimes happened while the boat was in Catalina and the boat was stopped while on the return leg from the Long Point and return race, just a few weeks ago.
Now we aren’t going to name any names, we’re much bigger than that. However, we do hear rumors about fines being levied in the $60,000 range and potential jail sentences of 60 days! It seems they don’t take too kindly to y’all stealin’ their babies.
Now if true, that’s some interestin’ criminal behavior, now ain’t it?  We bet the Big Heavy Hitters at said YC are trying to pull some levers for damage control on this (or perhaps reduced fines or sentences?), but we understand that Fish and Game Department is as serious as a heart attack, and not one to fuck with.
We certainly hope that underage tail was worth it, eh boys?
Title inspiration thanks to our all-time favorite noise band, the ironically named Flipper.