we call it frisco

Today I was cold walking to the boat from the hotel room so it must mean one thing, I am back in San Fran (I love calling it that). I decided that the sun was out and walked down to the boat with flip flops and shorts on. That was working until I made a left on a shady street and wished I had my Musto’s on. Such an amateur move that should not happen at this level!
Yes, the mighty Timeshaver is in Nor Cal for the premier regatta of the year around here, Rolex Big Boat Series (BBS). The city front again plays host to some of the coolest boats around. It also plays host to one of the strongest One Design Fleets over time, the J-105 class. Twenty eight 105’s are signed up making it by far the largest of the classes. The PAC 52 fleet is the smallest with four boats, which is a shame since the website has been running a press release on their front page stating that the PAC 52 fleet “returns with fire and numbers.” I guess the number was 4 and we will have to see about the fire.
Another staple in the Bay Area is the Express 37 fleet which is putting out an 8 boat fleet. The racing is always close with them and it is good to see such a strong showing. The J-88 fleet rounds out the one design classes and after watching them practice I can tell you it is anyone’s game.
We are placed in ORR B and are really happy with the lineup. The fleet is littered with amazing sailors and the competition is going to be tough. The ex Resolute is here giving us two other 125’s to play with. The rest of the fleet gets really interesting. An FT-10, a couple J-111’s, Melges 32, Andrews 40 (with Alan Andrews on board), Soto 30, C&C 30’s, and a few more make this a diverse group. I really do not know what to expect, which is not the best feeling.
We had our practice day today and some drama. We did a few laps of the bay and were getting used to each other (again) when I heard a bang. Now if you follow my writing at all you will remember what happened in March. If you don’t, we broke our mast crane off at MEXORC. This time we were about to round a practice mark and set the spinnaker when it happened. The backstay went bang, I looked up and to my pleasure, the mast was still there. The backstay was not so lucky. It basically exploded about 10 feet off the deck.
You know the drill from there on out. We got back to the dock, had the rigging shop make us a new one and have just finished installing it. Ready for Day 1 now! – Keith Magnussen.