enjoy the ride

It may be the end of summer but the San Francisco Bay is lit up like a Christmas tree with white caps & voodoo chop. The NW breeze has returned with gusts of over 25 knots & I’m as giddy as a small kid on Christmas morning.
14 other slalom racers jockey for position at the favored pin end of the start line. With 10 seconds to go, the fleet sends it, pushing speeds of 30 knots on the first beat set 1/4 mile north of the St. Francis Yacht Club for the final race in the 2018 Friday Night Slalom Series.
It’s anyone’s race as the top 2 are tied on points going into the series final.
Most racers have 2-3 rigs & 1-2 boards available at their disposal but I’m running tight this season with only 1 board and 1 rig used for the entire series. It works for 90% of the time. The other 10%, I hang on like hell and just enjoy the ride.
We round the first mark set deep in mounds of chop and a blistering breeze. I come in hot just behind the leaders and wait for a moment to pounce. Dr. Nick Mast is in full control just behind the series leaders, Soheil Zahedi & Jean Rathle. I wait for any opportunity but the leaders don’t let up one bit. 2 more gybes, 3 more reaches and all I can do is hang onto 3rd for the 1st race
My approach is to sail as conservative as possible in the front of the fleet and not make any mistakes.
Race 2 starts and it’s full mayhem on the 1st leg. I nail the start, getting a good jump on the fleet at the pin end but the steep chop and deep heading to the 1st mark make it almost impossible to control the 70 cm slalom board. My back foot goes into the leeward strap just to maintain some sense of control. We round in a tight pinwheel formation carving through the gybe and getting shot out to the next leg. Those that don’t commit fully, go down hard and are left swimming at the mark. When you’re out in front all you have to worry about is not screwing up too much. There’s no head games except for your own. I make it through the remaining 2 gybes, hang on like hell and get the bullet for the 2nd race of the night.
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2018 StFYC Friday Night Slalom Series Results. Photos: Tia Westeberg.