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Ongoing trade war spurs boatbuilders, component manufacturers and others to speak out
Since the onset of trade investigations, tariffs and counter tariffs by the US and its largest trading partners – collectively referred to as the ‘trade war’ – the recreational marine industry has taken a frontline position of unprecedented proportions.
Boatbuilders, component manufacturers, trailer makers and others have been visiting Washington, DC, providing written or live testimony, participating in round table discussions, and hosting tours of their facilities to lawmakers on the Federal, State and local levels.
Not since the 10% luxury tax of 1990 has a federal action so threatened the industry or spurred it to action.
“When it effects your bottom line, it definitely makes people want to speak out,” said National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) senior vice president for government affairs Nicole Vasilaros in an interview with IBI. “Because it’s hitting folks at every different angle, they’re feeling the pain, they’re frustrated. The level of engagement illustrates the level of concern they have with all that’s going on.”
The loss of sales and jobs resulting from the luxury tax awakened the industry to the need for advocacy, Vasilaros said, and began putting in place the pieces that allowed for the boat industry’s rapid, coordinated response to the trade war. Read on.