ten little turtles

We haven’t said much about the Race of the Turtles lately,because, well, what more needs to be said? Although, given the next phase, there may be a bit more commentary coming out of the yaps of  your favorite web site (other than Pornhub, we mean).
Over 2 months in and the Golden Globe Race is left with 10 competitors, most of which are now in or entering the Indian Ocean. Reports of 10m breaking waves and 50+ knot winds last week took its toll on the fleet. Norwegian competitor Are Wiig reported a pretty aggressive knockdown causing a dismasting and structural damage.
The professional yacht surveyor said the damage was similar to when a yacht falls off a cradle. In an incredible show of seamanship and professionalism, he calmly built a jury rig and sailed the 400 miles to Cape Town. Mechanical self-steering failing has been the number one reason for retirees since early on.
For any aspiring ?, entries are now open for the 2022 edition of the Golden Globe Race.