something old, something new

Big Pimpin’
Speed, power, beauty. That is the essence of the Grand Soleil 80 Custom, the first of a series of custom and semi-custom projects to emerge from an ambitious new endeavor by Cantiere del Pardo.
The new facility in Fano, Italy, announced by Cantiere del Pardo in May 2017, is about to bear its first, rather impressive, fruit. The Grand Soleil Custom Yard will build special one-off projects too large and specialized to be handled by the main Cantiere del Pardo yard where Grand Soleil’s production yachts are built.
In a partnership with the Adria Sail shipyard, a yard synonymous with high-tech custom boats in Italy, the construction of the new 80ft high-performance racer-cruiser was managed by Adria Sail’s master builder, Maurizio Testuzza, while Giovanni Ceccarelli took care of design, working closely with Cantiere del Pardo and the boat’s owner.
‘Cantiere del Pardo commissioned Ceccarelli Yacht Design for the naval architecture, exterior and interior styling for the new Grand Soleil 80,’ says Ceccarelli. ‘I was given a design brief, drawn up together with the owner and his consultant, Paolo Semeraro, for an 80ft highperformance custom-built sailboat for cruising and for racing in IRC or ORCi against other similar racercruiser yachts. Cantiere del Pardo wanted to explore the possibility of building a limited series of these yachts, updated from time-to-time to reflect an owner’s particular requirements. In the brief, certain basic parameters were fixed for this boat. It specified light displacement of about 33 tonnes and a keel weight of roughly 12 tonnes.’
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