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Big Pimpin’
It’s a dictum in life that you can’t get something for nothing and nowhere is that more true than modern performance catamaran design. The trade-offs in weight, trim, performance and cost are nearly absolute, even with clever innovations in layout and design. Where you save in one parameter, you lose in another, so the challenge for builders and designers is finding a solution that optimised all those parameters without being too compromising for an increasinglydiscerning marketplace.
Hudson Yacht Group may have found a new sweet spot in this space with the recent introduction of the new Ocean Series of blue water luxury performance catamarans, billed as “ocean tough, muscular yet graceful, and ready to take you cruising… in comfort and ease”. While the HH line of big cats – the HH50, HH55 and HH66 – are now well-established in the genre of nocompromise performance and luxury without too much constraint in cost, a place where only the finest in all aspects of build materials, quality and high-technology solutions are permitted, Hudson has realised there is room in the market for another level that, with a few compromises, can bring big cat luxury and performance to a much wider audience.
This realization came about when Chris Doscher, the new president of Hudson Yacht Group, went touring some key boat shows in both the US and Europe with company founder Hudson Wang and listened both to current and potential owners of big cats. What they heard was interesting, and a bit surprising especially to Doscher, who has spent the last decade in the production boat building business as sales manager with another major brand, one that has a large volume business in this broadening market. Read on.