paul manafort, anybody?

The government of Ukraine plans to allocate up to US$250 million in the development of yachting tourism and infrastructure in the country, according to recent statements by the Ukranian Presidential Administration’s press-service.
As part of these plans, the majority of these funds will be invested in the building of new marinas and popularization of yachting in the country. According to a spokesman for the Ukranian Prime-Minister Vladimir Groysman, Ukraine has good conditions for the development of yachting, due to its access to the Black Sea.
In particular the Ukranian government hopes to establish a boating infrastructure in the port of Odessa, with the aim of making it a key center for yachting in Ukraine. At present Odessa has the status of one of the most popular Black Sea resorts, however, to date, its yachting infrastructure has been undeveloped.
Currently the Ukranian government is conducting talks with investors in China and the EU and it is envisaged that building works for a new marina could begin before the end of this year. With apprecian to IBI News.