standing tall…

…or standing even taller! Article #7 in the series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68 talks about two optimized rig options owners can choose from, and the team of Gunboat, VPLP, Rigging Projects and Hall working together to make it happen.
“The new Gunboat 68’s rig is one of the most performance-critical parts of the boat – a network of high-aspect and super-strong components working in carefully engineered compression and tension. It is designed to deliver a finely balanced and highly optimized sailing system.
We knew from experience that our customers would want two distinctly different rig options, each fully integrated without compromise onto the same platform; a Performance Cruising package for fast but safe ocean passage-making, and an ultra-competitive Regatta package for race-focused owners who want to leave maxi monohulls trailing in their wake. Both rigs had to maximize performance and outperform the competition while staying within pre-defined safety margins.
Routinely, high-performance sailboat owners have endured a costly, time-consuming process of tweaking and adapting the rig to suit their style of sailing, hiring the top experts privately to arrive at the product they want. For the Gunboat 68 we wanted to streamline this, build upon the fleet’s preferences and deliver the Gunboat 68’s rig comprehensively optimized – straight out of the box.”
Get into the details and decisions they made in the full article here.