we dem boyz

So today was the Sharp Hospice Charity Bay Race, sponsored by the Cortez Racing Association and Coronado Yacht Club. An interesting pursuit bay race with 50 entries, the mighty A4 with my amazing crew of Danny North, The Ed, Sean Kelley, Andrew LaPlant,Paige Johnston and Justin Edelman absolutely crushed it, getting first in class and first overall.
Look at me – you’d think I just won the AC, but you know the races where it just all comes together? This was that.
We won the start (four other FT 10’s), held of some serious charges from the FT 10 Elusive, sailed by Rick Harris, and the FT 10 Justice, and just stretched at almost every opportunity. The fellas were superb, I was on my game, and I am just so grateful to have this incredible boat, these fabulous North 3di Raw sails, and my amazing, amazing crew. Thank you!!!
And lastly, shout out to Dry UV for making cool new shirts and hats! Awesome picture thanks to Cynthia Sinclair, with tons more here. Title appropriation thanks to Wiz….
– the ed.