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From our bros at Stephens Waring Design…
The 2018 Classic and Spirit-of-Tradition Regatta Report: It was a good few days of Classic and SoT racing, here in Mid-Coast Maine. If we got our numbers right, something like 150 boats raced in the combined Camden Classics Cup and the Wooden Boat Series, featuring the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. We break down what worked, from what didn’t, in the popular world of Classic and SoT yacht racing.
Classic Lessons Learned For Classic and SoT Regattas: We are in the midst of a good, old-fashioned market research survey aimed at the Classic and Spirit-of-Tradition racing fleet. (There are things we simply have to finally know about you all.) Results will be out come fall. But already, we are learning valuable lessons from this year’s brisk Classic and SoT regatta scene. If you’re planning a classic yacht event — or thinking of revamping one — give this story a read.
Sailing Around the World NOT Being Tired, Hungry and Afraid. We’ve been watching with lurid fascination as single-handers struggle — sorry, “race” — around the world in old, slow boats, as part of the Golden Globe 2018 race. That got us thinking: What kind of event could we invent, if we allowed reasonably priced, yet reasonably modern, boats to compete? Well, using Isobel, pictured below, as an example, you could race from Istanbul to St. Petersburg, Russia and into Iran. And then back to Turkey, for about the same time, cost and risk as today’s Golden Globe 2018 race. Here’s how.