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A major ass kickin

At 16:14 local time today Phil and crew crossed the finish line of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race 39 nautical miles ahead of second place Class40 Concise.

Along with achieving line honours as the fastest boat across the entire race fleet, the team have set a new 40 foot World Record (subject to ratification). The record time to break was set in 2014 by Roderick Knowles and crew aboard GBR Class40 Swish at 8 days, 19 hours, and 6 minutes.

At no easy feat, few attempt to race around Great Britain and Ireland due to its very hostile and tactical nature. Of the 28 boats that started the race last Sunday, 10 have since retired due to damage aboard from such challenging conditions. Phil comments on his experience:

“We’re really happy with this result as the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race is undoubtedly the toughest offshore race this side of the Atlantic. Breaking the record is a serious bonus and I am really chuffed to place this alongside my 9 hour Channel World Record sprint!

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