a4 update

Not that there has been an outcry for it, but here is a little update on the boat. First, I wanted to tell you how the new North Sails go, and go they indeed do. We are fast, the sails look quite good. There is one odd wrinkle in the main, but often ugly is fast… We have speed and height, and our class kite is just super, super quick. Honestly, really love the sails. A bit spendy, but so far they seem to justify the cost.
Everything about the North experience has been top shelf, in no small part thanks to Brian Janney. And you know me, if it sucked or there was something I didn’t like, I’d sure as hell bitch about it.
So there is one sail that we had not had a chance to use, and that is the new Code Zero. Built out of North’s proprietary laminate, it is arguably one of the best sails I’ve ever seen. These guys hit what I wanted this sail to be right on the head. Unfortunately I don’t yet have any pictures, but we got to fly it on a bay race and it was magic, right until it sheared the Chinese stainless steel tack line block attachment right off the boat!
We are quite sold on this zero so we are rigging a better way to use it easier and more often (hint: furler). Again, the boys at SD Boatworks are handling the rigging and implementation. They had to mill a new Delrin cap, and we love this nice touch they added to it. we are super excited to get this underway and for sure will get you more detailed photos and a report of how we like it! – ed.