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Big Pimpin’
Nova Sail Pro & V2 series blow the competition out of the water! Want to increase your chances of winning that regatta? Want to use the tools that the global racing community believes in?
Novasail has been responding to sailors’ tactical needs with their intuitive compasses since 2007. Whether racing a regatta or simply enjoying a friendly competition, sailors love the wireless, portable instruments that provide immediate, reliable and accurate data designed to help you cross both the start and the finish lines first, while keeping the pressure on in-between.
Novasail is best known for their hero product, the super sophisticated NS360.
However, just launched is little brother, the entry-level NS-START. A pared-down version of the NS360, the NS-START is perfect for sailors who are looking for the bare essentials. Its simplified settings offer a GPS compass plus Speedo, Start Line Distance and Timer settings. For a fun day out, why make it more complicated?
And like the NS360 it comes in both the larger Pro size or smaller Pocket V2.
Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with the world champions –  many are relying on the NS360 to help them beat the competition.
Remaining the best in high-tech yachting compasses on the market today, with the NS360 you have your own nautical brainbox that is the skipper’s best friend when it comes to getting you off to a racing start and over the line to a victorious finish.
How? The NS360 is the first ever sailing tool featuring gyro compensated compass technology, merging a real magnetic compass and GPS speedometer inside. Alongside the vital information on Start Line Distance, Shift Indicator, VMG, Timer, Waypoint Management and Bluetooth communication, this means you have access to more accurate location and speed information than ever before – essential for sailors the world over.
So while the NS360 gives you the most comprehensive information on getting the most out of your surroundings and the elements possible, the NS-START offers a simplified version with all the bare essentials.
Both are compact and light, you don’t need to drill a hole into the mast, and each model will run for over 30 hours on just one single standard AA battery.
Representing the best of Novasail’s intelligent manufacturing, design and programming, they are high-tech yet low maintenance – the perfect combination. Check us out!