no such thing as a free boat

PEABODY, MA — If you have driven on Lowell Street in the past three decades, you may have noticed the passion project Wilson J. Lobao Jr. started working on in 1984. That was the year Lobao decided to build his own boat. But not just any boat: Lobao set out to build a 45-foot Roger Simpson Liahona Trimaran, earning him the nickname the Boat Builder of Lowell Street.
Lobao died in a freak accident last year at the age of 76 and with the boat still unfinished. Now the family is looking to give it away to anyone willing to promise to finish the boat and pay the $25,000 they estimate it will cost to remove it from the property and get it ready to sail. And the clock is ticking, Lisa Hanselman, Lobao’s daughter-in-law, said Thursday. The family has sold Lobao’s Lowell Street house; the closing on Friday starts a one-year timer included in the purchase-and-sale agreement for the boat’s removal from the property.
“If we don’t find someone, we have to send it to salvage,” Hanselman said. “We really want to find someone who will take it by this fall so it doesn’t have to spend another winter out in the weather.”
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