50,000 can't be wrong

An off the cuff comment led me to dig into an event a couple of hours from us here down in Guangdong, China. Longcheer Yacht Club, one of the first marina clubs in China, is hosting the International Topper World Championships starting with the opening ceremony on the 15th of this month.
The Topper, a rotomoulded polypropylene scow bowed youth boat has proved almost indestructible and extremely popular with over 50,000 sold over its lifetime. 100% one design it not only provides a good training platform for youngsters who have perhaps outgrown the Optimist but super keen and fair racing as well.
In a little over a week over 200 youngsters – 264 at the last count and from 20 different countries – will converge on Shenzhen in Southern China for their largest world championships ever. Those kind of numbers are a welcome sight and a nice balance against all the doom and gloom statements that sailing needs saving.
The information provided to competitors and families is exemplary providing all the required details, both travel and about the event with some nice touches about the environment they are about to enter, even to the extent of reminding people to ‘practice their chopstick skills’ before coming to China. It’s a long time since joining instructions and advice have caused me to smile or nod in agreement quite so much and I am sure many ‘grown up’ events could take a leaf out of their book.
If you want to see what I mean check out the final newsletter leading up to the event here.  
I have been to many events over the years that could learn a lesson from the Topper organizing committee. All they need now is wind ☺
I shall see them on the water.