25 years in the making.

Big Pimpin’
 For the past 25 RS Sailing has been building boats for sailors by sailors, this has established them as the World’s Largest Dinghy manufacturer, yet many don’t know who they are or what they do. Their number one goal is to make sailing more accessible and more enjoyable. Our own Mr. Clean caught up with their visionary Director Jon Partridge at the 2018 US Sailing Leadership forum for an interview here.  The company has clearly found a formula that works. The success in North America, Europe, and all over the world is astonishing in a segment of the sport that many argue is on the decline.  
To further understand, check out the video from the RS Feva North American Championships hosted by Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT.  The RS Feva is a success story of a boat that offer versatility in junior sailing which didn’t exist, an international racing class to transition the medium size sailors who were often becoming intimidated with the current options and leaving sailing. The RS Feva fleet has exploded in the Tri-State area with over 150 RS Fevas, proving the necessity of a transition boat for sailors between 10-15 years old. Europe’s massive RS Feva fleets figured this out long ago and North America from East to West Coast are finally catching on.  Yet other boats such as the Opti, 420, 29er, and others continue to grow, the RS Feva helps feed the future of sailing by keeping kids in sailing until they are ready for bigger boats.
As a singlehanded option, another successful transition boat for this age range is the RS Tera.  August 4th-5th marks the inaugural RS Tera North American Championships at Dana Point Yacht Club. From the Bay Area to SoCal, there are over 150 RS Teras. While the idea was just to get a durable and well designed boat, programs such as St. Francis Yacht Club and Cal Yacht Club have found themselves racing the RS Teras. Both the RS Feva and RS Tera prove to be an option to promote a level of racing to kids that otherwise would likely have left the sport, especially among the girls who make up a higher percentage of this fleet than most other youth fleets.
All of this is just a part of the big picture for RS Sailing. The entire RS world can be summed up in an upcoming celebration for the 25th anniversary which will consist of a series of regattas, or as they would call it a “sailing festival” which is absolutely unimaginable for sailors everywhere to comprehend.  A 4 week sailing festival of the RS Sailing family and the actual sailor families that support the brand are gathering to bring over 1,000 dinghies to Weymouth England for the RS Games.  You really need to watch the interview above to understand how this is even possible. 200+ RS Aeros, 200+ RS Aeros, 200+ RS Fevas, and 10 other popular RS Sailing designs from their high performance skiffs in the RS 700 and RS 700 to the fully adaptive RS Venture Connect.  Through years of design and evolution, RS Sailing has a boat for everyone. For more info visit the event website http://www.rssailing.org/rsgames/
RS sailing is a company is comprised of sailors just like you and they want to hear from you, visit their site www.rssailing.com contact them and say hello.