find your edge

Big Pimpin’
Nail the start with the help of the most advanced racing instrument on the water. The Vakaros Atlas outperforms its competition so you can stay ahead of yours. How does the Atlas give you the confidence to hit the line with speed?

  1. Its fast 18 Hz GPS and advanced inertial sensor fusion deliver unmatched accuracy and

responsiveness. Ping the line with accuracy and know your position in real-time. Physical buttons provide clear tactile feedback so you never miss a ping no matter how epic the conditions.

  1. Using a gyro-stabilized magnetic compass, the Atlas determines the precise location of the bow relative to the line without the lag found in devices relying only on GPS course over ground. Never worry about your start line maneuvers throwing off distance to line.

  2. Just like the advanced systems used by America’s Cup and TP52 teams, the Atlas

calculates distance to line and time to burn. A machine-learning algorithm automatically estimates your real-time performance envelope without any complex calibration. Line up your perfect start and know exactly when to pull the trigger.
For a limited time only, the Vakaros Atlas is available for pre-order at a 20% discount. In addition to being among the first to race with an Atlas, all pre-order customers receive early access to the Vakaros analytics platform and mobile app. Find your competitive edge with the Atlas.