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OMG I have just been gutted. One of my most ardent competitors from back in the MORC days, a friend and a guy I just loved hanging out with has passed away.
Passed away July 16, 2018, after struggling with many health issues. He was born in Grosse Ile, Michigan, in 1949. He was respected throughout the radio broadcast industry across the country and sailboat racing communities of Southern California.

I lost contact with Tim over the last few years. I know that health and financial problems plagued him in later years, along with some of the personal demons that have haunted many of us, myself included. It hurt to see some of that as he fell from who and what he had been…
But back in the 80’s and 90’s, Tim was a straight baller! Smart, good looking with the resources and passion to play the game, We used to race heads up in Sanatana 30/30 GP’s, Bustin’ Loose and Sea Lion, and also when I sailed a Capri 30, Silver Bullet. A great competitor, good with head games (part of the game), and though we raced hard as hell against him, I always found him to be a delight. Tim went on the win the MORC Internationals with his Peterson 30 Heatwave. I sailed with Tim on his Melges 24 in Key West as he got heavily into the Melges 24 class.
Good times and great memories.  But now he is gone, and I am just so, so sad. I truly loved the man, and I hope he knew that. – ed.