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Chicago PD and fire is still searching for lost TP52 pitman Jon Santarelli, but in spite of his stature as a hard core swimmer and triathlete, hope is mostly gone for those looking for a happy ending to the Day 1 Mackinac tragedy that washed him off the boat.  Il Mostro isn’t far from the finish and beautiful condition await on the island, though with almost 50 retirees and the somber mood among the fleet, the land of horseshit and fudge will be muted this year. We salute the avid biker and super generous and smiling Anarchist Jon, and wish our warmest hopes during his family and friends’ tough times.
Stay up to date in the thread here.  The CYC isn’t running from the news; watch their morning press conference as streamed live.  Matt Knighton and Mr. Clean will be droning in the finishers live; Get notified when they launch their coverage on the CYC page here.