From The Fabulous Forums
I am normally a huge fan of Race Committees. Their volunteers work hard to make sure us sailor have a good time. Unfortunately we need to call out the CRA RC because I am scratching my head again after this week’s course selections for the A & B Classes. The beercans should be a short-ish race where everyone has fun and an equal chance to win. For some reason, the RC decided AGAIN to send the larger boats on hopelessly long courses.
A Fleet DNF’s all entries for the second straight week (there go any meaningful throw outs) and the B fleet barely made it with only one or two DNF’s. These courses were a couple of the longest on the list and the breeze was dropping off to what was observed the previous few days. THINK RC!
The sailors didn’t have fun. It’s no fun coming back in the dark. The goal should be to have everyone finished 30 minutes before the time limit. If it blows better than anticipated, then everyone had a great sail and is extra happy! Plus the party will be better because everyone has more time to socialize and patronize the food and drink.
So CRA RC……thanks for your service but please get your head out of your backside with course selections. Comment.