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The latest from onboard Prospector as they get that silver beauty rollin’ to Hawaii…
Sorry for the lack of news, been a tricky/busy race onboard the Prospector.
It’s never like this, right?
We definitely had some doubt from the newbies about the legendary downwind conditions to Hawaii, but with the A2 finally up, the race is starting to look more normal – finally!
We spent the first 2+ days in our light jib, cracked upwind in 6-11 knots, trying stay out of the upper low that was playing havoc with the normal SF summer winds. We got off quite well, getting far south and missing the glass-off that ate up the wednesday/thursday starters; although still very slow progress towards the barn.
Even when we got to crack off past the low, we only had 10-12 knots for the ‘blast reach’ where we normally have 20+! But the poor guys up north were becalmed…..
So, now well into day 4 for us, we are still 900 miles out. Foulies are hung up, warm (stinky) gear is packed up, board shorts are out and the A2 is up. Great running conditions, 15 knots TWS, 15 knots BSP and laying down some real mileage towards Kaneohe.
Forecast is for the trades to hold, so maybe a more normal race for the last half.
Very interesting race up ahead between the Monday starters with a huge split between the northerly French contingent and Wolfpack, Bacon Berger, Anais on the south road. My bets are on the south (also our line), but very interesting to watch with such a massive split.
As for our fleet, its a really tricky one. We have a significant lead, nice south position, but correcting out on the magical ORR sleds, especially Benny Mitchell, Tom Addis, and the dream team on the Pyewacket may be a difficult mission. Hopefully as we nose into the trades we can bump our lead out a bit more.
With 900 miles to the finish and 380 miles behind the lead boat from the Monday fleet (we started Friday), the real race is on to see who gets the first Mai Tai at Kyc!
– Artie Means