the will to change

But where do you start? Vendée Globe competitor Conrad Colman has been among a handful of committed early adopters showing what is already possible – and without sacrificing any competitive performance
So do renewables actually work? Hell, yeah!
Conrad Colman’s 16th place Vendée Globe finish in 2017 was remarkable for many reasons: not only did he bring home his boat to a huge public welcome after losing the rig mid-Atlantic, but less well known perhaps is that he made it around without fossil fuels of any kind. And he wants to do it again.
‘I wanted to be the first sailor to complete the lap without burning fossil fuels,’ says the Lorient-based Kiwi. ‘Raphaël Dinelli tried in 2008 with Foundation Océan Vital, Javier Sanso’s Acciona in 2012 really advanced the thinking in terms of renewables. Sadly neither finished the race. So given the efforts by others to tackle this technological challenge I was delighted to have been the first to pull it off.
‘Even before I had a sponsor active in the renewables sector, I ripped the diesel engine out of my boat,’ says Colman. Look at his website (conradcolman.com) and you’ll find a revealing choice of quote, by Eleanor Roosevelt: ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ Read on.